Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

“Who gets the house in a divorce?” is one of the most emotionally charged issues with the division of property in a divorce. Amidst the sense of loss, worry about the children’s well-being and your own economic stability, you may … Read More

The “Do it Yourself” Divorce in Oregon

Do you want to file for your Oregon divorce online, or by completing printed forms? You have several options. If you are working with a lawyer, they will usually advise that they file the Oregon divorce forms for you. Lawyers … Read More

Free Ebook: Expensive Divorce Financial Mistakes

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Spousal Support in Oregon: How is it Calculated?

Are you wandering “How is spousal support calculated in Oregon?” Spousal support in Oregon is much more complicated than Child Support, which is determined by an on-line Oregon child support calculator. Don’t believe various website claims: there is no Oregon … Read More

Alimony in Oregon

Alimony is the most frequently disputed, and often one of the most highly charged issues in a divorce.… Read More

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