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It is profoundly difficult for people to make substantial life decisions amidst the grief, resentment and overwhelm common with divorce. Our goal is to minimize the trauma and stress of this transition by delivering the highest quality service, and helping you envision and work towards positive futures for all members of your family.

Why Us?

What makes us unique from other Oregon divorce mediators and professionals?

  • Comprehensive understanding of legal, financial, tax and parenting impacts of divorce
  • Efficient process structure = reduced meeting time and client costs
  • 20 years’ experience with conflict management and problem-solving tools
  • Care for your psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being
  • Experience you can trust: 95% satisfaction rates with client surveys.


Stuart Watson

Divorce Mediator Stuart Watson from Portland OregonTransforming and healing relationships has been a life-long passion. I have been teaching conflict resolution, mediating conflicts and supporting families through divorce for over 20 years. This experience includes:

  • 23 years as a Family and Divorce Mediator with Oregon Divorce Guides (Statewide) and Progressive Mediation (Multnomah County Family Law)
  • 13 years as the Mediation Coordinator at Resolutions Northwest
  • 2 years as a Family Mediator with Lane County, OR
  • 1 year as an Assistant Ombudsman with the University of Oregon
  • Awarded “Spirit of Mediation” in 2019 by the Oregon Mediation Association
  • Author of “Breaking Through” The Relationship Repair Game.”  A card deck toolkit for transforming and resolving conflict
  • Founder of ORNCC (Oregon Network for Compassionate Communication)
  • Advanced Divorce Practitioner,, Divorce SourceYELP
  • Trainer for Equity-Informed Mediation, Mediating from the Heart and Advanced Mediation Techniques

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Portland divorce mediator Stuart Watson and child

Personal Experience

I know firsthand the challenges of divorce, being both a child of divorce and raising my own child in an often-stressful co-parenting relationship. My mission is to guide families through the transition in the most effective way that provides the best chance for stability, integrity, and healing for all members of the family.

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How to Choose an Oregon Divorce Mediator

There are many factors to consider when selecting a mediator to support you through a divorce process. Here are some things to consider:

  • How much and what type of experience do they have? Look for experience or education around conflict resolution/mediation, Oregon family law, financial management, marriage counseling, child psychology, and current tax codes.
  • What is divorce mediators’ style? If it is not explicit, their primary career background will give you an indication of how they approach problem-solving amidst the process.
  • Trust your gut and intuition. If the first contact or meeting doesn’t feel right, then have a conversation with a different divorce professional so you have something to compare it to. The divorce process is too important to not work with somebody with whom you trust and feel comfortable.

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