Custody Schedule Exchanges: Best Practices

Custody schedule exchanges (parenting time transitions) are ripe with opportunities for conflict between the parents. Yet, numerous studies have demonstrated that parental conflict is the most damaging aspect of a divorce for children. Whether you are in the middle of … Read More

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

“Who gets the house in a divorce?” is one of the most emotionally charged issues with the division of property in a divorce. Amidst the sense of loss, worry about the children’s well-being and your own economic stability, you may … Read More

The “Do it Yourself” Divorce in Oregon

Do you want to file for your Oregon divorce online, or by completing printed forms? You have several options. If you are working with a lawyer, they will usually advise that they file the Oregon divorce forms for you. Lawyers … Read More

Signs You Need a Divorce Quiz

This “Signs You Need a Divorce Quiz” won’t make your decision, or tell you when to get a divorce. Yet, it outlines some common signs you need a divorce. More importantly, you can clarify your reasons for a divorce or … Read More

Free Ebook: Expensive Divorce Financial Mistakes

Divorce is inherently expensive, even if you get free divorce advice, minimize your legal costs and amicably agree upon all terms of the divorce. There are multiple financial mistakes that people make during a divorce (or legal separation) which can … Read More

Mediation for the Decision to Divorce

The Decision to Divorce: Use a Counselor or a Mediator? As a family mediator specializing in divorce, I have had many clients who contact me for help with the decision to divorce or separate. Why do people seek help from … Read More

Divorce Support Groups in Oregon

Oregon Divorce Support Groups: Benefits and Structure Divorce support groups in Oregon (also known as divorce recovery groups) are the ideal way to heal the pain, grief and devastation that divorce leaves in its wake. While divorce counseling can help … Read More

Spousal Support in Oregon: How is it Calculated?

Are you wandering “How is spousal support calculated in Oregon?” Spousal support in Oregon is much more complicated than Child Support, which is determined by an on-line Oregon child support calculator. Don’t believe various website claims: there is no Oregon … Read More

When is it Time for a Divorce?

Even if the ultimate decision has been made, you may be wondering “when is it time for a divorce?” Much like the transition to parenthood, it is rare that people are ready for a divorce. Further complicating your readiness is … Read More

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