Divorce Quiz: Signs you need a divorce

This divorce quiz won’t make your decision, or tell you when to get a divorce. Yet, it outlines some signs you need a divorce. More importantly, you can clarify your reasons for a divorce or renewed commitment. Your questions and … Read More

Divorce Finances: 5 Expensive Mistakes

Divorce is inherently expensive, even if you get free divorce advice, minimize your legal costs and amicably agree upon all terms of the divorce. Unless one of you has a substantial new income source, the impact of now financially supporting … Read More

The Decision to Divorce: A Mediator’s Role

The Decision to Divorce: Use a Counselor or a Mediator? As a family mediator specializing in divorce, I have had many clients who contact me for help with the decision to divorce or separate. Why do people seek help from … Read More

Divorce Support Groups in Oregon

Divorce Support Groups: Benefits and Structure Divorce support groups are the ideal way to heal the pain, grief and devastation that divorce leaves in its wake. While divorce counseling can help you move and grow through the unique dynamics of … Read More

Spousal Support in Oregon: How is it Calculated?

Spousal Support in Oregon is much more complicated than Child Support, which is determined by an on-line calculator. Don’t believe various website claims: there is no Oregon spousal support calculator used or accepted by attorneys or the Family Courts in … Read More

Am I Really Ready for a Divorce?

  Much like the transition to parenthood, it is rare that people are ready for a divorce. Further complicating your readiness is that your spouse if usually on a different time frame of processing and accepting the divorce, and may … Read More

Should I Get a Divorce? Dealing with Indecision

  Are you regularly asking yourself “Should I get a divorce?” and feeling conflicted about it? Your uncertainty is a healthy indicator that you are not making a knee-jerk reaction during a period of heightened hurt or anger. There are … Read More

Myths of Divorce Mediation

Are you wondering “How does divorce mediation work?” Learn the most common myths of divorce mediation, with an explanation about how the mediation process works to benefit the participants… Read More

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