The Average Cost of Divorce in Oregon

Are you wondering “How much does divorce cost in Oregon” and getting mixed information? The costs associated with divorce or legal separation can be drastically different, depending on the process you use, the degree of conflict and the complexity of your family finances.

Below is an average cost comparison between the Oregon Divorce Guides mediation process and the standard attorney-driven divorce (litigation) for typical divorce or legal separation clients. “Typical” clients are defined as those who need to resolve the major issues regarding children, a home, cars, asset and debts, retirement accounts and spousal support.


Low Conflict
Oregon Divorce Guides
$7,000 – $20,000
Medium Conflict
Oregon Divorce Guides
$20,000 – $40,000
High Conflict
Oregon Divorce Guides
$40,000 – $100,000

Oregon Divorce Guides cost estimates include our time spent in meetings and writing the agreement, based on our hourly rate of $180.

Learn how Oregon Divorce Guides provide the highest quality service at the most competitive price:


The average cost of a divorce in Oregon is minimized due to my extensive training and experience. This allows me to quickly assess what information and process is needed to productively guide difficult conversations.

Technology Reduces Your Costs

We use technology in several ways to maximize the productivity of meeting time (less meetings = lower client cost). For example:

  1. We have invested in, and created several easy access handouts and videos to educate clients at no charge. This is information people typically pay mediators and attorneys their hourly rate to provide.
  2. We can write summary notes during the meetings instead of billing you for typing them up afterwards, further lowering the average cost of your Oregon divorce.

Our overall process and each meeting is structured for the most efficient flow of information and decision-making. Confusion is minimized: clients know where they are in the process, what they have already accomplished, and what they need to do next.


We support clients in gathering information, considering options, and preparing for the meetings to improve the productivity of our meeting time and lower the average cost of your Oregon divorce. Unlike most divorce professionals, every part of our process and fees are transparent; they are posted on our website, so you don't have to commit to meetings before learning how much your Oregon divorce will cost.

Completion Rate

We have a high completion rate (over 95%) due to our values-focused structure, and experience in successfully coaching clients around the pitfalls where divorcing spouses commonly get stuck.

Competitive Hourly Rates

Our rates are highly competitive for our region. Unlike many divorce professionals, you don’t pay us a large “retainer” amount up front and you are not charged for brief phone calls and emails. With Oregon Divorce Guides, you are only charged for time spent in meetings and agreement writing, keeping your average divorce costs affordable.

Not a Typical Client?

Subtract 25% of the estimated cost if there are no children, or you have the parenting plan completed through County Mediators. Add 20% to the estimated cost for each of the following factors: work in your own business, own multiple properties, are nearing retirement, have inheritance issues, or child safety concerns.

Additional Required Divorce Costs (Paid to other agencies or professionals).

Oregon County Filing Fee ($273)
Parenting Class ($40 – $80 depending on the Oregon County)
QDRO: A separate court order required to divide certain types of retirement accounts ($500 – $700)

Additional Optional Divorce Costs and Services (Paid to other professionals).

Paralegal to File ($150), Attorney Consultation ($300-$800), Home Appraisal ($800), Business Valuation ($500-$1,500), Pension Valuation ($650), Personal Property Valuation ($350), Financial Planner/Analyst, Tax Attorney, Child Psychologist, Personal or Marriage Counselor

Are you wondering, “Why is the cost of divorce in Oregon so high?” If you have a fairly simple divorce and mutual agreement about the terms, you may not need a mediator or lawyer. See some options for how to get a divorce in Oregon.

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