Spousal Support in Oregon: How is it Determined?

  Spousal Support in Oregon is much more complicated than Child Support, which is determined by an on-line calculator. This article is intended to describe some of this complexity in a straightforward way. However, this primer is no substitute for … Read More

Am I Really Ready for a Divorce?

Much like the transition to parenthood, it is rare that people are ready for a divorce. Further complicating your readiness is that your spouse if usually on a different time frame of processing and accepting the divorce, and may be … Read More

Should I Get a Divorce?

Are you regularly asking yourself “Should I get a divorce?” and feeling conflicted about it? Your uncertainty is a healthy indicator that you are not making a knee-jerk reaction during a period of heightened hurt or anger. There are few … Read More

Myths of Divorce Mediation

Are you wondering “How does divorce mediation work?” Learn the most common myths of divorce mediation, with an explanation about how the mediation process works to benefit the participants… Read More

Alimony in Oregon

Alimony is the most frequently disputed, and often one of the most highly charged issues in a divorce.… Read More

Divorce with Children

A divorce is twice as challenging (emotionally, financially, and logistically) when there are children from the marriage.… Read More

Legal Separation

A legal separation in Oregon is a similar process and cost as a divorce. Learn how it differs and why this option is ideal for some couples. … Read More

Top 10 Divorce Tips

Research shows that divorce is one of the most stressful events that people can encounter in life. Learn the top 10 tips to support you in a healthy divorce process and transition… Read More

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